Lisa Cryobanking Supplies


Lisa Cryobanking was formed in January, 2020 to address the cryostorage needs of local biotechnology companies. As part of the Bio, Tech and Beyond incubator space in Carlsbad, California, Lisa Cryobanking has experience exhilarating growth in our cryostorage and laboratory services business. Our clients range from local biotechnology companies to craft brewers and veterinarians.

Liquid nitrogen cryostorage has been the gold standard of biological preservation for the past century and liquid nitrogen vapor phase storage will continue to be the most efficient, economic and environmentally friendly way to store samples for the foreseeable future.

The purpose of Lisa Cryobanking is to provide efficient, transparent and high quality cryostorage solutions and laboratory support services to our clients. In the process we hope to aid R&D efforts of biotech companies, preserve stem cells of endangered species and provide brewers with fresh homogenous yeast batches.