Sample Retrevial

1. Complete Sample Retrieval Form (online) or email with your Storage Code

2. Receive email confirmation.

3. Once accepted, samples will be shipped accordingly, the tracking number will be sent via email to confirm shipment.



Carlsbad, California



Lisa Cryobanking prides itself on communication and transparency. We provide appropriate shipping conditions and containers when shipping your samples. We are certified and follow US Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines for the shipping of biological substances that meet BSL-1 standards or fall under the UN3373 Biological Substances Category B regulations.

Our packages will contain a styrofoam box filled with either dry ice or freeze packs depending on the temperature requirements of your sample and a secondary leak-proof bag containing your samples of interest. We are also able to ship active cell cultures at room temp in filled T25 flasks overnight.

Please fill out the Sample Retrieval Form and email it to


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